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Almost all parts of our life are related with English language

We live in the modern time where almost all parts of our life are related with English language. Computers, electronic devices, advertisements and even toilets will always related to English language. The language of the British empire has effected many things in our lives because of their colonialism at the past. That’s why English is very common now .

For some people , English is one of the scariest thing that they’ve found. Some of very striking differences between their native language and English make them lazy enough to learn English. While, in the other side , they have to know English so they wouldn’t left behind by the modernization.

So, how is to overcome such a thing ?

Imagine yourself in the future

By imagining that someday you will be like other people; talk in English as simple as you talk in your first language, reading many articles in English, talk with native speakers, being admired by people because of you wonderful English . these all somehow could motivate you to be more excited in learning English. By seeing other people who have done and succeed in learning English, also can be a great booster to make you more passionate on it

You are already good

The ability in reading this article is a sign that your English is already good. You have known some English. That’s a big success! If you want more successes, then find some great methods in learning English more effective. You will get more impressive knowledge of English by the short of time. It’s going to be wonderful.

You need to study more because there is a lot that you don’t know

Never satisfied of what you have gotten is a good motto for you to keep motivating yourself. Even if you are the best student in English, still your English isn’t perfect .

Find the weak areas that you have and work on them. Find some mistakes on your writing, punctuations, rarely used grammar structure, rare words, long words, dictation, tongue twists and many others. Study on them , so you will get more fluent and avoid mistakes .

Use English in your live

Speak English whenever you can and wherever you are . This could be one of the most effective way in improving and motivating yourself.

Reading interesting articles or books , exchanging email with native speakers, speaking with friends, getting an answer of computer problem, translating short articles , are some examples that probably you can easily do .

Always remember that using English means that you are learning English .

The boring English becomes the interesting English

Don’t talk to people that how boring English is because you hate it . But tell them the things you’ve learned from it. Create discussion about what have you got , the benefits of learning it, and some positive aspect about English. This is a simple method that could be effective in motivation yourself and people around you.

Look for a friend in the same English level with you

There are some advantages that you can get whenever you have a friend who has the same English skill with you :

1. you and your friend will help each other improving the English skill by doing conversations talking about English .

2. Both of you can discuss problems in learning English and try to solve the problem together. It will make you easier in learning English.

3. Both of you will compete each other in improving the English skill. That’s awesome!

Save your money for English learning

Save some money from your salary and spend them on buying English stuffs like dictionary, English novels, motivation books or maybe for taking English course are things that money can help you in improving your English language. If you think new books are expensive, then you can choose to buy old books or second hand books .


Actions are required whenever you want it work! One small action is more powerful than reading hundreds of articles.

These are some interesting ways to help you to love English. And a key of all of those is “action!”

Good luck !

Written by Anita Susi, B.A

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